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TD Snap Motor Plan Overview


The AAC user’s ability to develop language and express ideas in their own words sets a foundation for the rest of their life. The TD Snap Platform seeks to support this vision by empowering individuals to become lifelong communicators. This course explores the importance of motor planning in AAC and its impact on individuals with communication difficulties. It focuses on the newest symbol-supported page set from TD Snap called TD Motor Plan. Attendees will be able to identify the benefits of TD Motor Plan and the unique features available within the page set. You will also earn strategies and specific ways to use the vocabulary filter tool within the software to improve language skills.

Upon successful completion, participants should be able to:    

·      Define the concept of motor planning.

·      Describe two unique features available within TD Snap Motor Plan.

·      Identify two ways to use the Vocabulary Filter tool to improve language skills. 

Disclosures: Financial Disclosure: Presenter is a full-time employee of Tobii Dynavox. Non-financial Disclosure: Presenter has no relevant non-financial relationships. Content Disclosure: Because of the unique characteristics of our product, this presentation will focus exclusively on the Tobii Dynavox product line and will not include information about other communication or educational products. Disclaimer: ASHA CE Provider approval and use of the Brand Block does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

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Onsite (CEU)

Caroline Gaddy

Free of charge

11:00 pm - 12:00 pm ET


Aspire WNY
4635 Union Road
Cheektowaga, NY 14225
United States

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TD Snap Motor Plan Overview

, 26, 2024 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm ET

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