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Creating a new activity using a template

October 01, 2018

You can quickly and easily create new activities from an Activity Starter Template in the Boardmaker Online Editor.

NOTE:Boardmaker Online includes more than 100 templates that help you create powerful interactive activities in minutes. Our Template Guide provides a description, thumbnail image, variations, and suggestions for ways to use each template for instruction.
Access the Template Guide here!


  • From your Homepage, select Create Activities. The Online Editor will open in a new window.

  • Choose from Activity Type on the left to narrow your results to templates that match the type of activity you wish to create. You may also narrow your results at the top to select templates to create Print, Interactive, or Interactive with Performance activities.
NOTE: If you know the name of the template you want, you may type it into the search box and Enter.

  • After selecting your activity type, use the scrollbar on the right to view all of the templates of that type.
  • Select Show Sample to view a completed example of any template. This is a great way to determine if this template will meet your needs.
  • Choose Select to create with that template.

NOTE: Most of the templates in Boardmaker Online are Edit-in-Place Templates. Directions for populating an Edit-in-Place template are seen in red when you are in the online editor. The red words will not show when you are in Play mode. Follow the directions using edit-in-place to complete the template.
  • Select any button.
  • Use your computer keyboard to type the label.
  • Select Enter on your keyboard.

  • Select the symbol you like.
  • Click Select.
NOTE:you may use images from My Media or Web Search by selecting the appropriate tab and entering your search term.

  • Continue with each button on the template.
  • Select File > Save > and name your activity.
  • Select OK.

You can change the properties (color, font, button shape, etc.) of one or more buttons by selecting the button(s) and then using the properties panel on the right.

Creating with Table-based Templates

The templates for a small number of activities are completed by completing a table instead of edit-in-place.
NOTE:When you click Select to choose a Table-Based template, a table within Activity Settings will open.
  • Double click to select Table at the top of the table.

NOTE:Table variables will vary depending on the nature of the activity. The caption at the top of each table will indicate what data is required. This template is representative.
  • Select <Blank Text Variable> in the word column.
  • Type the word and Enter.
  • Select <Blank Symbol Variable> in the adjoining picture column.

  • Type your term into the search box and then hit return.
  • Select the symbol you want.
  • Click Select.

NOTE: Additional columns may be present, often reflecting activity settings and showing a dropdown menu for selection.
  • The column heading indicates the setting.
  • When complete, select OK.
  • Select Save
  • To Name Your Activity, Select File > Save Activity As and enter the name.
  • Select OK.