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How do I pin Snap Core First to the Windows 10 Metro screen on an Indi?

June 20, 2017

If you've had to re-install Snap Core First or accidentally unpinned it from the Windows Metro screen, here are the steps to pin it again.

1.  On the Windows 10 Metro screen, select the All Apps button (the third option in the top left corner of the screen).
2.  Scroll through the list until you find Snap Core First.  Press and hold on Snap Core First for 2 seconds and let go.
3.  Select Pin to Start.
4.  Go back to your Windows Metro screen.  Snap Core First should now be there (red icon with an apple).  

If you want to move the Snap Core First icon to a different location on the Windows Metro screen, simply press on the icon for 2 seconds and then drag it.

If you want to resize the Snap Core First icon, simply press on the icon for 2 seconds and select the option that appear in the bottom right corner of the icon (...).  You can then choose resize and select the appropriate size.