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How to get Wordpower pageset to be used with Compass on an iPad

October 01, 2018

To have Access to Wordpower on an iPad you must have a subscription of Compass.

Select the link below to choose Monthly or Yearly Subscription URL = Subscription URL =


Here are the steps to purchase the subscription:

  1. On a web browser, log in to the account that they want to use to purchase the subscription (create an account, if needed)
    • NOTE: Customers should NOT use an account that already has a Compass device, Compass perpetual app or Professional permissions applied. Use a clean account that does not have any other Compass purchases or attachments.
  2. After logging in, open a second tab in the browser and paste in the URL for the monthly or yearly purchase option
  3. On the FastSpring checkout page that loads off of this URL enter a First & Last Name
  4. In the email address field, enter the email address associated with the myTD account being used to purchase the subscription
    • NOTE: Customers MUST make sure that they enter the right email address or it will not be possible for us to link their purchase back to their myTD account, which means they will be paying for a subscription without being able to use it with Compass.
  5. Complete all of the Mailing Address fields
  6. Select a payment method
  7. Click Next
  8. Enter the payment details
  9. Click Complete Order
  10. Return to the tab where you are logged in to the myTD account
  11. Wait several minutes for the purchase to be applied to your account
  12. Refresh the page
  • Customer should now see the Compass tile under the My Stuff section of the website, the WordPower page sets should show on the My Stuff > Compass > Page Sets page when this tile is selected, the subscription should show on the My Account > Subscriptions page,
  • On an iPad access the App store and search for Tobii Dynavox Compass and select the FREE Tobii Dynavox Compass Connect App.  You will be able to use the WordPower page set with the Compass Connect app for iOS by logging in to your myTD account via the Compass app and then selecting Backup/Restore and restoring the preferred WordPower page set to the app.