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Symbolate buttons

October 01, 2018

Please note this article only applies to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.
Symbolate buttons provide an easy way to quickly create symbol-adapted sentences, stories, and other instructional materials. As you type text into a symbolate button, appropriate symbols will appear. After you have created a symbolate button and defined its symbolate properties, you can use the Symbolate Candidates dialog to change the symbol for word-symbol pairings and to customize the text for an existing word-symbol pair.

Draw a Symbolate Button

  1. Select the Symbolate Tool in the Toolbar. 
    Symbolate Tool
  2. Select the area on the page in which you want to place the symbolate button.

Note: You can also move the pointer onto the page, hold down the mouse button, and drag diagonally. Release the mouse button when the new symbolate button is the size and shape you want.

Note: You can also change an existing button on a page to a symbolate button by selecting the button on the page and then selecting Symbolate under Button Type on the Button Properties panel.
  • To resize the button, select it, then move the pointer over any edge or corner until the double arrow appears. Click and drag the edge or corner until the button is the size and shape you want.
  • To move the button, select it, then drag it to any position on the page.
Reference:See Working with Buttons for instructions on selecting a fill color, and customizing the button's border and font.