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TD Pilot - Setting up Eye Gaze

November 15, 2021

Configuring the Gaze Access in the iPad iOS for use with the TD Pilot
  1. Access the Settings within the iPad's iOS
  2. Select Face ID and Pass code. Note: not available on closed devices
  3. Toggle USB Accessories ON, under the Allow Access When locked.
  4. Select Home Screen and Dock
  5. Select Use Large App Icons, under APP ICONS.
  6. Select Display & Brightness.
  7. Select Dark, under APPEARANCE.
  8. Select Text Size.
  9. Move the Text Size slider all the way to the right.
  10. Select Display & Brightness.
  11. Select View.
  12. Select Zoomed.
  13. Select Set.
  14. Select Use Zoomed, in the popup.
  15. Select General.
  16. Select Shut Down
  17. Press the power button on the iPad Device to restart the device.