Magic Eye FX

A fun way to begin your eye control journey by developing access, communication and interaction skills through creative play and gaming. Magic Eye FX provides a no-fail environment for starting out with eye tracking, which makes learning these new skills exciting and stress-free. It also serves as an entry point for developing skills for speech, switch, touch, game controller, mouse, and keyboard inputs. Compatible with I-Series I-13 and I-16 devices as well as PCEye.


Learn eye gaze skills

Magic Eye FX invites you to learn eye gaze skills through 10 fun games, optimized for the new I-Series and PCEye devices.

Girl playing Color Trails game in Magic Eye-FX

Level Logic

Magic Eye FX activities are grouped into 5 levels of exploration with each level introducing a slightly more advanced mode of gaze interaction and game play.

Level 1 – Screen Engagement

These activities allow you to explore cause and effect. When you look, something happens; when you look away, it stops! Games include:

  • Follow Me
  • Color Trails
Child learning basic targeting with Magic Eye-FX

Man interacting with eye gaze while playing Button Balloons in Magic Eye-FX

Level 2 – Object Interaction

These games introduce some of the interaction methods of eye gaze such as dwell activation and targeting. You can explore how your gaze can trigger a response from the objects in the screen. Games include:

  • Flare Points
  • Button Balloons

Level 3 – Region Precision

These games stimulate visual attention by encouraging you to target specific areas of the screen and improve gaze control skills. Level 3 activities help to develop the targeting and attention skills necessary to achieve a robust calibration. Games include:

  • Anticipation
  • Asteroids
Asteroids game being played on a Tobii Dynavox I-Series

Girl playing Music Maker with her friends

Level 4 – Active Exploration

These activities are designed to promote exploration and play, encouraging engagement with a wider area of the screen. Games include:

  • Graffiti
  • Music Maker

Level 5 – Controlled Targeting

These activities can help you achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell and switch activation functions. Games include:

  • Gaze Paint
  • Snake
Man playing Gaze Snake with a Tobii Dynavox eye tracker


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Magic Eye FX

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 or 8


TD Control

Files and Formats




I-Series (I-13 & I-16)


Mozilla Firefox 31 or newer


TD Control
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