Community settings - District subscriptions

October 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to District subscription accounts.

If you have organization administrative privileges, you can manage the groups created within your organization and create new groups, either limited to your organization, or to be shared with the entire Boardmaker Online community.

Manage Groups

Select Admin > Account Settings > Community Settings. The Community Settings page will open to the Manage Groups tab.

Community Settings

Select the profile photo of the group you want to manage. The Group Details page will open.

Group Details

Note: If you are the "owner" of the group - that is, if you created the group, a Settings button will be available in the upper right corner of the page (circled in the illustration above). Select the Settings button to open the Group Settings page and make any changes you want - change the group name, description, photo, privacy, permissions, and moderator.

From the Group Details page, select a tab to:
  • Add Activity - Your activity list will open. Select the check boxes next to the activities you want to add to the group. Then select Add To Group.
Add Activities to group
  • Add Activity Set- Your activity list will open, displaying only your activity sets. Select the check boxes next to the activity sets you want to add to the group. Then select Add To Group.

Add Activity sets to group
  • Invite New Members- The Invite New Members dialog will open. Select the check boxes next to the profile photos of your friends on the My Friends tab or - select the Search tab to search for a specific person. - Select Add.Then select Send.

Invite new menbes
  • Start Discussion Thread - Enter a subject and your comment, then select Add Comment.

Start Discussion Thread

Create a New Group

  1. Select Admin > Account Settings > Community Settings. Select the Create a New Group tab on the Community Settings  page. 
    Community Settings
  2. In the Group Name text box, enter a name for your new group.
  3. In the Description  text box, enter a brief description of your new group’s purpose.
  4. Upload a profile photo (Group Photo).
  5. Select privacy settings:
    • Make the Group Public to My Organization - Can only be found when browsing groups by members of your organization.  
    • Keep the Group Public- All members of the Boardmaker Online community can find when browsing groups.
    • Keep the Group Private- A private group is only available to members you invite.
  6. Select permissions for inviting friends and for sharing activities.
  7. Select Create Group.

A message will appear indicating that your new group was created successfully.