Telehealth resources

We can meet SLPs and clinicians for virtual assessments, consultations, demos and more, online in real-time, while also offering effective and relevant resources.

Man using his Tobii Dynavox SGD to conduct an online assessment.

Virtual assessments

Confirm your client’s eligibility for an AAC device by contacting one of our solutions consultants, then meet virtually on your preferred platform or use one of our virtual tools to let us help you with your assessment. We’re happy to lend you a device during your evaluation and coach you remotely on using it.

Success stories

Learn about virtual assessments that have taken place successfully during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Boy communicating with his mom on a Tobii Dynavox device

High-tech and low-tech Tobii Dynavox Coronavirus resources

Coronavirus resources

Discover a trove of resources to support your communication needs during these challenging times, including telehealth best practice material recommended by ASHA and Medicare.

Success Stories

A few examples of successful virtual assessments during the Coronavirus pandemic.

From the parking lot

A new SLP working with a Spanish-speaking aphasia patient needed support for an evaluation. After a text and FaceTime conversation from the facility parking lot, the device was programmed on the spot for the evaluation in Spanish and delivered directly by one of our solutions consultants dressed in proper protective equipment to the SLP.

From the front porch

One of our solutions consultants met an SLP on the doorstep of her client’s home, programmed the device and connected it to the home wireless network so that the patient’s mother could take the device inside for the evaluation. Together, they controlled the eye gaze device remotely from the front porch and using Zoom, the SLP guided them through the evaluation.

From 5 hours away

A new SLP needed training on our devices to conduct evaluations for four new clients with different needs. Our solutions consultant programmed four devices and shipped them to the SLP. They conducted a Zoom meeting to review the devices and discuss questions in-depth. The SLP felt confident enough to then conduct the evaluations for all four clients.

From a clinic

A new SLP needed several devices shipped for pediatric evaluations. One of our solutions consultants held a virtual preparatory meeting with the SLP to program the devices. Then, during the first evaluation on Zoom, the child indicated a love of dogs, so our consultant brought their dog in to participate. The child selected ‘go’ and ‘stop’ to request that the dogs move and later selected the words “I want more dog”. Success!