PCS® Licensing

PCS licensing

PCS for projects

Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS) by Tobii Dynavox are available for licensing to anyone wishing to add these powerful and popular symbols to their product, website, book, app, playground, jewelry, presentation, movie, or other unique application. Selling or giving away materials using PCS in paper or digital form, unless for the sole benefit of the student/clients you serve, is illegal without permission.

Get a license to legally distribute PCS

Getting a license assures copyright compliance and allows you to advertise as an official licensed PCS publisher. In order to get a license you must own Boardmaker software or have a subscription. Please note, once you have submitted your application it will take 10 to 15 business days for processing.

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Public Service Materials

Organisations distributing activities in PDF format for public service materials such as books or websites can do so free of charge.

Personal ($193.70 CAD/year)

Selling Individual Creations

Prolific makers hoping to sell symbol creations for a profit need a license to cover sales of products using PCS.


Commercial Use

Businesses planning to introduce products that use PCS symbols will need a customised business account.

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PCS® Policies if you already own a Boardmaker Product


If software is purchased by a school or school and provided to teachers, therapists and staff, those individuals may use the PCS materials with their students or caseload. Sharing individual subscriptions between multiple instructors is illegal.


If software is purchased for a hospital, it may be shared by a group of therapists. Those therapists may use the PCS by Tobii Dynavox materials with the patients of the hospital. Sharing the software between multiple hospitals is illegal.


If software is purchased by an individual, that individual may use the PCS by Tobii Dynavox materials with people on his/her caseload. This also means that a teacher or therapist may use the materials for students in multiple schools if the students using the materials are in his/her caseload. Sharing the software between multiple instructors is illegal without a maker license.

Boardmaker activity sharing

Anyone who owns Boardmaker software and Picture Communication Symbols by Tobii Dynavox, is encouraged to share activities using the free Boardmaker Community.

For all other uses

For uses that do not conform to the guidelines above, you will need permission to use PCS by Tobii Dynavox.