How do I setup Windows Hello for an Eyemobile Plus?

May 06, 2019

Windows Hello only works with Windows 10 and above.

  1. Using Cortana, type in Windows Hello and select enter.
  2. It should bring you to a Sign-In options screen.
  3. Set up a PIN code.  To do so, select the Add button under PIN. Once you've done that, the options to set up Windows Hello will unlock.  Note: If your options are only Change and Remove, you've already setup a PIN and can move ahead to step 4.
  4. Under Face recognition, select Set Up.
  5. Select Get Started to continue. The camera in the eye tracker will now help you position yourself in front of the screen by showing a live stream through the camera. After positioning yourself successfully in front of the camera, the face recognition setup will begin automatically. Once you’ve successfully completed the set up, an option to Improve Recognition will be available.