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Boardmaker 7 Help

Boardmaker 7 Help

Boardmaker FAQs & Guidance

We're aware of some issues preventing customers from properly using Boardmaker 7 and understand how frustrating this can be. To help get you up and running more smoothly, here's a set of frequently asked questions and answers.

Installation & Software Updates 

Can I update to 7.0.4 or 7.0.5 when I choose, for example after I return from summer vacation?

Yes, you could even choose to wait until after our next release and benefit from both releases via a singular update. Waiting for the next release will allow customers to uninstall and reinstall the solution once.

What are the steps customers will need to take to update to Boardmaker 7.0.4?

Mac and Windows customers will need to uninstall all previous version of Boardmaker prior to installing 7.0.4.

After the software has been uninstalled, download the new versions here.

What are the steps Chromebook customers will need to take to update to Boardmaker 7.0.5?

Chromebook customers will use the Play Store app to update. No uninstallation is necessary.

Why is Boardmaker 7.0.5 only available on Chromebook?

Boardmaker 7.0.5 addresses a small bug found only in Chromebooks.

How do I backup files from the Chromebook editor?

  1. Open the Files app on your Chromebook
  2. Expand the Boardmaker 7 Editor Folder
  3. Open a second instance of the Files App and create a new folder called Boardmaker Back Up in a location outside of the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder, for ex. in your Google Drive
  4. In the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder, select all individual files and folders
  5. Copy your selections and paste them into your Boardmaker Back Up folder
  6. Uninstall Boardmaker 7 Editor by doing the following:
    a. Open the Play Store
    b. Select in the search bar and search for Boardmaker 7 Editor
    c. Select Boardmaker 7 Editor in the list of results
    d. Select Uninstall button
    e. In the confirmation window, select Uninstall
  7. With the Play Store window still open, select Install on the Boardmaker 7 Editor page
  8. After installation is complete, open the Boardmaker 7 Editor application but do not add licensing information or sign in
  9. Close the application
  10. Open the Files app and navigate to your Boardmaker Back Up folder and open it
  11. Go back to the Files app, and open a new window
  12. Navigate to the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder and open it
  13. Arrange the two windows so they are side by side
  14. In your Boardmaker Back Up folder open the Activities folder and copy and paste each individual file and folder that shows within the Activities folder into the corresponding Boardmaker 7 Editor Activities folder
  15. Repeat Step 14 to copy the rest of the individual files and folders from your Boardmaker Back Up folder into the corresponding Boardmaker 7 Editor Templates, Media, appcenter, and errors folders
    a. NOTE: Make sure you are copying the Activities files and folders into Activities, Templates files and folders into Templates, etc.
  16. Copy any other individual files and folders you may have from Boardmaker Back Up to your Boardmaker 7 Editor folder
  17. Launch Boardmaker 7 Editor

How do I manually uninstall and reinstall Boardmaker 7?

Please do the manual steps below. Note: If you are part of an organization, you may need your IT Dept to push/install this software for you.


  1. From the Windows start menu, open Settings on your device 
  2. Select Apps 
  3. Under the Apps & features section, select the Boardmaker 7 Editor and/or Boardmaker 7 Student Center
  4. Click Uninstall 
  5. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to uninstall; select Uninstall again to confirm 
  6. You will see a window that shows the progress of the uninstall. You may also be asked if you want to allow the software to make a change to your machine. Select Yes when you see this window 
  7. After the software has been uninstalled, download the new versions here
  8. After the download is complete, double click on the file to let the installer run.


  1. In your Finder window, open Applications
  2. Select the Boardmaker 7 app icon then drag it to the trash can to delete
  3. After the software has been uninstalled, download the new versions here 
  4. After the download is complete, double click on the file to run the installation.
  5. At the end of installation, it will prompt you to drag the file into the applications folder
  6. Once done, return to your desktop and drag the Boardmaker 7 Editor DMG file to the trash can


See question below about uninstalling and backing up files on Chromebook.

How do I backup files from the Boardmaker 7 Editor if I choose to uninstall Boardmaker 7 from my Chromebook?

  1. Open the Files App on your Chromebook 
  2. Expand the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder 
  3. Open a second instance of the Files App and create a new folder called Boardmaker Back Up in a location outside of the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder such as in Google Drive 
  4. In the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder, select all folders 
  5. Copy your selection and paste it into your new Boardmaker Back Up folder 
  6. Uninstall Boardmaker 7.0.3 or any other previous versions of Boardmaker 7 by taking the following steps: 
    1. Open Play Store app 
    2. In the top right corner, click the circle icon with your initial or avatar 
    3. Click manage apps & devices 
    4. Click manage 
    5. Click Boardmaker 7 Editor 
    6. Click Uninstall 
    7. Click uninstall in the confirmation window 
  7. Install Boardmaker 7.0.4 directly from the Google Play Store  
  8. Open Boardmaker 7.0.4, but do not activate your license or sign in 
  9. Close Boardmaker 7.0.4 
  10. Return to your new Boardmaker Back Up folder and copy all of the individual files that exist outside of the Activities and Media folders 
  11. Open a new Files App window and paste these files into your new Boardmaker 7 Editor folder 
  12. Repeat this process for the individual files and folders within the Activities folder, copying them into the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder > Activities folder 
  13. Repeat for Media, Errors, Templates, and Appcenter folders 
  14. Launch Boardmaker 7.0.4  

What is file syncing and what improvements have been made to it?

File syncing is the two-way transfer of files and activities between your computer and your web-based account. 7.0.4 corrected the following syncing issues:

  1. Some accounts were not syncing between the Boardmaker 7 Editor and, causing activities to not show correctly in
  2. Activities were missing in the My Boardmaker section of the Editor for some users
  3. File sync restarts after interruption and stops syncing when the user logs out

What does “improved connection, authentication and network experience” mean and how does it relate to me?

Connection and authentication

Instructors: You will no longer have to go out to the browser to log into the app. This will reduce confusion since you will not be transitioned from app to browser then back again

ITs: Depending on how you have your network set up this may alleviate issues where settings are locked down and the application cannot access the correct URL (domain) to log in with the browser

Network Experience

Instructors: This may vary based on the settings

ITs: You will be able to adjust and tweak network/proxy settings directly through the application instance

What is included with 7.0.5 on Chromebook?

Release 7.0.5 corrected an issue with template availability on Chromebooks.

How do I check which version of the software I'm using?


  1. Open the Boardmaker 7 Student Center  
  2. Click on the "Menu" button in the top left corner next to the 3 dots  
  3. Select "Settings” then select “About"  
  4. The version number will be listed  here

What URLs do I need to whitelist if I am working in an organization that blocks traffic coming from some outside websites?

Customers may be required to whitelist certain addresses to be able to successfully install the software and login with their subscription account, student account or activate a perpetual license or trial.View the complete listhere. 

Boardmaker 7 Student Center

What should I do if I cannot download new activities to the Boardmaker 7 Student Center or am having issues playing previously downloaded activities?

Our team released a Site and Services Update that addressed this issue on the evening of February 16th, 2021.

What was included in the latest Boardmaker 7 Student Center Release?

To view the most updated release notes, clickhere.


How will the 7.0.4 release improve my print experience?

Release 7.0.4 corrected a bug where print preview was sometimes blank after creating a PDF. Additionally, the “open after creating” option in the create PDF flow now works on Chromebooks.

What should I do if I try to print a PDF of an activity and it’s coming up blank or not showing updates I’ve made?

If you select ‘Create PDF’ after making changes to an activity without saving your work, those changes will not be reflected in the PDF. Please save before selecting Create PDF.


What should I do if my PODD books aren’t working properly in Boardmaker 7?

We are currently experiencing issues in the conversion process and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please see read this guide for more details.

Speed/load times

What should I do if it takes a long time for the Editor or Student Center to load?

We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Error messages & pop ups

What should I do if my organization is using a proxy server and I get 'timed out' error messages?

This issue was addressed with the release of Boardmaker 7.0.4 on July 8, 2021. With the release of 7.0.4, IT Departments can configure appropriate network settings. If you continue to experience any errors, please contact our Support Team to be connected with our Network Engineer.

What should I do if am getting an ‘initializing file handler’ error and then my Mac freezes?

Please update your operating system and this should quickly solve your issue.

What should I do if I get a malicious software pop-up when trying to install Editor on my Mac?

This issue was addressed with the release of Boardmaker 7.0.4 on July 8, 2021.

Symbols & images

What should I do if my images aren’t loading properly in Core First Learning, Expedition Education, Reading Avenue and Book Bridge?

We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Printing & saving

How do I save Boardmaker 7 activities when editing on a Chromebook?

We have created a support article on this topic.

How do I create a PDF or print from a Chromebook?

We have created a support article on this topic.