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Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus Device

PCEye Plus Product Support

On September 29th, 2020, Tobii Dynavox announced the worldwide End of Sale of the PCEye Plus.

Learn more about the next generation PCEye eye tracker.

Setting up your PCEye Plus eye tracker for the first time or looking for support and training guidance? Find video tutorials, how-to guides, software downloads, manuals and other useful resources.

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Training Videos


Browse our video library for visual learning on the I-Series.

Young woman using a Tobii Dynavox I-Series device with her caregiver

Get Started

If you are just getting started with the PCEye Plus, these videos will help guide you through the set up process.

Step 1: Opening the box


Step 2: Get set up


Please note: This video shows how to mount a PCEye Go, but the mounting of a PCEye Plus is the same.

Step 3: Install and Configure Software

Introduction to Windows Control

The Windows Control Bundle Installer with instructions can be found in the downloads. Type in the license key you have on your license key paper in the box during the installation.

Gaze Point

The Gaze Point Installer with step by step instructions can be found in the downloads. No license key is needed.

Calibrating in Tobii Gaze Interaction Software

Featured Training Videos

Browse additional video resources available for the PCEye Plus and related software.

Accessing Windows Control Settings

Using Windows Control Taskbar

Using Windows Control Sticky Dwell Click

Access Shortcuts from Windows Control Taskbar

Connecting Switch Access in Windows Control

Using Accurate Calibration in Windows Control

Training Resources

We offer many additional product training opportunities, including live events, on-demand courses and recorded webinars.

Tobii Dynavox representative speaking to a crowd

Live Training Events

Meet the experts at upcoming live on-location and virtual events featuring a wide range of topics.

Tobii Dynavox on demand training event

On-Demand Training

Browse our library of self-guided resources to brush up on existing skills or learn new ones.

Tobii Dynavox myTobiiDynavox website

Connect and Share

A cloud-based resource for managing your apps and sharing with your communication team.


Windows Control Bundle Installer

Installer for Windows Control 2.0 Software bundle, contains Windows Control Software, PCEye driver software, EyeR drivers and Virtual Remote.

Please note: If you already used the Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software with first generation Windows Control, please uninstall it before you install your new Windows Control.

Tobii Dynavox Update Notifier

Tobii Dynavox Update Notifier is used to download and install updates to Tobii Dynavox software.

Manuals & Documentation

Installation Guides

A quick guide to installing your PCEye Plus

Declarations and Certifications

The PCEye Plus has been tested by Tobii Dynavox and independent test labs to ensure it complies with relevant directives for electronics and medical devices. For details, see the attached documents.

Device Warranty Type Term Cost


Phone Extended (#110030)

Phone (#110025) 

Support 360 (#450324) 

Support 360 (#450327) 

Support 360 (#450330) 

90 days

90 days

1 yr

1 yr

2 yr

3 yr







Additional accessories such as switches and switch mounts come with a 90-day warranty, and device mounts come with a one-year warranty. None of these items are covered under the Support 360 Warranty and it’s not possible to purchase an additional warranty for accessories or device mounts. Medicaid policies may vary.


Desktop PC featuring the PCEye Plus eye tracker

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus

Size & Weight


12.7'' × 0.87'' × 0.71''

322 mm × 22 mm × 18 mm


9.9 oz (280 g)

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus Eyetracker

System Requirements

Computer and Processor

2 GHz, Dual-Core processor


4 GB

Hard Disk

450 MB


USB 2.0

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

.NET version


Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software

Version 2.8 or later

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus Eyetracker

Included Apps

Tobii Dynavox Windows Control logo
Tobii Dynavox Gaze Viewer logo
Tobii Dynavox Gaze Point logo
Tobii Dynavox Virtual Remote logo

Virtual Remote



TD Snap
Communicator 5
Windows Control
Gaze Viewer
Gaze Point
Inclusive Eye Gaze
Look to Learn
Sensory EyeFX
Virtual Remote


User Calibration


Power Consumption

1.5 W typical average

Screen Size

Recommended up to 27''

Gaze Data Rate

60 Hz

Full specifications

Find full specifications in the PCEye Plus manual.