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What is TD Snap Core First? 

TD Snap Core First offers a simple yet robust way for people who can’t speak to combine words and symbols for effective communication. It is based on core words, a small set of flexible words that make up roughly 80% of what we all use in many daily situations, carefully placed and ordered for easier recall.

TD Snap Core First

Key features

TD Snap Core First is designed for quick wins that matter, with new features continuously added by popular request, such as:

TD Snap Core First

Expandable Grid Sizes

Grid sizes that grow as communication skills grow.

Tobii Dynavox Snap Core Light Bulb tool

Light Bulb

Never miss a new feature with easy-to-find updates.

Tobii Dynavox Snap Core topic words, phrases and core words

Organized Language

A combination of well-organized core words, topic words and phrases to maximize effective communication.

TD Snap Core First Word List

Word Lists

A system for organizing fringe vocabulary to help communicate more precisely.

TD Snap Core First Keyboard


An on-screen keyboard to foster literacy skills and independence.

TD Snap Core First available in different languages


Available in a large and growing number of languages, with the ability for bilingual learners to switch easily between them.


In addition to the powerful set of tools in TD Snap Core First, Tobii Dynavox offers the following resources to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based solution:

TD Snap Core First Communication Book

Core First Communication Books

A free printable communication book to complement Core First, available in two grid sizes.

Core First Communication Boards

A set of free printable communication boards based on Core First, available in many languages.  

Teacher using Tobii Dynavox Core First Communication Board with a student.

Tobii Dynavox Boardmaker 7 featured on a Mac, chromebook and windows laptop

Boardmaker 7

A powerful tool for creating special education materials, with access to the same PCS library as in Core First.

Core First Learning

A free printable set of resources designed to help find, read and spell core words.

students using Core First Leaning resources

Teacher helping student use a Tobii Dynavox assistive technology device.

Pathways for Core First

A free companion app for Core First, packed with support to help you succeed with AAC. 


A set of expert-led events and self-guided learning to deepen your knowledge as a professional, parent or caregiver.