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What is TD Snap PODD? 

PODD, short for Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display, was created by Gayle Porter to offer people who can't speak a way to select and organize symbols to communicate.  This page set is available within TD Snap as an in-app purchase.

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Key features

The TD Snap PODD Page Set contains several features that enable learners to communicate efficiently, with a clear growth path.

PODD 15 screenshot


A collection of pages designed for pre-school and school-aged learners just starting out and using one to four keyword sentences. It’s made up of 15 cells representing common areas of communication, complemented by language prediction. 

PODD 15+

A collection of pages designed for children who are starting to use 1-4 word sentences. It enables learners to create phrases in a more grammatically complete way. It’s also suitable for those who need symbols to support their understanding. 

PODD 15+ screenshot

PODD 60 expanded keyword screenshot

PODD 60 Expanded Keyword

A collection of pages designed for children and teenagers who are ready to begin creating more complex sentences. It’s made up of 60 cells, with language development supported via symbols, whole words, spelling, introductory verb tenses and word prediction.

PODD 60 Complex Syntax

A collection of pages designed for children and teenagers who can use sentence starters, core words and word morphology to form more complex sentences. For example, selecting a verb leads to the presentation of different forms of that verb to help learners build accurate sentences. 

PODD 60 complex syntax screenshot


In addition to a powerful set of included tools, TD Snap PODD contains the following unique set of resources:


A set of self-guided video tutorials about PODD to deepen your knowledge as a professional, parent or caregiver.