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SC Tablet

SC Tablet is a touch screen iPad-based speech generating device with two switch ports for scanning access. The device is securely wrapped in a rugged, fitted silicone case with integrated speakers, made for people of all ages with speech and language disabilities. Designed to snuggly fit the latest iPad, SC Tablet comes with a snap-on faceplate and crash corners for extra durability. Grab it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a built-in kickstand and handle. SC Tablet includes a 10.2-inch iPad in Space Gray (either 32GB or 256GB), pre-loaded with our TD Snap symbol-based AAC app. Already own an iPad? It’s possible to buy the case separately.

In the Box

Unleash the power of an iPad

Tobii Dynavox Speech Case with iPad used by girl and her mum to communicate

Transform your iPad

The SC Tablet is designed for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication), with a rugged outer case including crash corners and a snap-on faceplate for extra durability, a bluetooth speaker to project your voice clearly, the ability to mount the device to a wheelchair, and two ports for switch access. Pre-loaded with our TD Snap communication app, it transforms an iPad into a true AAC device.

Better together

SC Tablet works in combination with the latest generation Space Gray 10.2-inch iPad (2021), either 32GB or 128GB, to create a powerful communication solution. It offers the freedom to use familiar technology together with a trusted AAC solution.

Tobii Dynavox Speech Case with iPad used by kids as an AAC solution

What’s the insurance coverage process?

There are options available to help you secure insurance coverage for this device.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who work with hundreds of insurance companies to help you navigate every step of the process.


The step-by-step funding process:

Consult an SLP

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) conducts an assessment and writes an evaluation of your communication needs.

See a physician

After a face-to-face meeting, your physician will prescribe a device.

Complete and submit funding packet

Our funding team helps you complete, review and submit documentation to your insurance company.

Insurance company processes packet

The insurance company reviews your application to decide if they will authorize coverage of a device.

Receive your device

After the insurer approves your request, we will arrange for delivery of your device.

What’s inside every SC Tablet box?

Tobii Dynavox Speech Case AAC device box
Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet

SC Tablet

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet charger

Speech Case Charger

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet charger

USB Charger Cable

Shoulder Strap for the Tobii Dynavox Speech Case

Shoulder Strap

Quick start guide for Tobii Dynavox software

Quick Start Guide

Training cards for Tobii Dynavox software

Training Cards

Premium Devices Warranty Type Term Cost
Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet

SC Tablet



Phone (#110077) 

Support 360 (#450324)

Support 360 (#450327) 

1 yr

3 yr

1 yr

1 yr

2 yr






Find out more about Tobii Dynavox Warranties:

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Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet

Size & Weight

Size (w × h × d)

273 × 196 × 52 mm


624 g

Buttons & Connectors


1 × Volume Up
1 × Volume Down
1 × 3 Position Selector


2 × 3.5 mm Switch Jack Ports
1 × USB-C


2 × 31 mm × 9 mm, 4.0 ohms, 5 W



Bluetooth® 3.0


Battery Technology

Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery

Battery Capacity

15.54 Wh

Battery Run Time

Up to 8 hours. normal usage

Battery Charge Time

∼ 4 hours

Power Supply

5.0 VDC 4.8A AC adapter

Power Adapter



Input voltage

100 to 240 VAC

Input current (max)

0.48 A

Input frequency

50 to 60 Hz

Output current


Rated output voltage


Full specifications

Find full specifications in the SC Tablet manual.