How do I convert Boardmaker v5/v6 files?

May 09, 2019

You can convert boards, board packages, and .zip files that were created in Boardmaker version 5 and above and save them as new projects to edit in Boardmaker Studio.

  1. Select the Open button on the Boardmaker Studio Dashboard screen.
  2. In the file browser window that opens, select the file type drop down menu and choose Boardmaker v5/v6 Files (*.bm2, *.zbp, *.zip).
  3. Navigate to the directory containing the desired file.
  4. Select the .bm2 , .zbp, or .zip file you would like to import.
  5. Select Open. The Boardmaker Conversion Setup dialog will open.
  6. Select Reselect Boards to return to your file folder to re-select or add boards.
  7. (Optional) Select Conversion Warnings, Conversion Fidelity, and Symbolate Fidelity settings from the drop-down lists to make changes there.
  8. Select Import. The project is saved as a new Boardmaker Studio activity file and opens in the Designer.  Note: If you have selected Show All Conversions Warnings in the Conversion Setup Dialog, the Conversion Warnings dialog will open and state that the files have been successfully converted and list any inconsistencies in the conversion process.  Select OK to close the Conversion Warning dialog.