Setting up Remotes for your T10

July 27, 2016

Note: These instructions will be for setting up a TV. The process is the same for setting up other remote controls.

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Remote Manager.
  1. Select Manage.
  1. Select New.
  2. Tap in the label field and use the system keyboard to name your remote (ex. Living room TV).
  1.  Tap the “select here to add a command”.
  1. Tap in the Name field and type a command (ex. Power).
  2. Select the drop menu for “type” and choose Use built-in command.
  3. Select the box for Automatically create related commands and select the green Save button. By selecting this option you will have all applicable commands added for you so you will not have to program them individually.
  1. Select the device category you need (ex. Television).
  1. Scroll or use the search function to find the brand of television you have. (ex. Sony) The Device has IR codes from many different manufacturers. If you do not see your brand, you cannot program it in.
  1. Some brands have multiple code sets for multiple products. To find your particular code set, select the Run Test button for the first code set. If your TV does not power on or off, select the next code set Run Test.
  2. Once you find a code set that works, select it.
  3. Scroll down the Television Commandslist and select the Powercommand.
  4. Select the green Savebutton. All the commands associated with that particular Television are now under the “Living room TV” remote.
  5. Select the green Done button then the black Backbutton.
Next you need to attach those commands to the buttons on the remote.
  1. Open your Dashboard.
  2. Select Remotes.
  3. Choose the remote you want to populate. (ex. Living room)
  1. Select the tab for the TV.
  2. Select the modify button then the power button.
  1. Select the Actions area.
  2. Line 1 is for the Power Command for the TV. On the second line down, you’ll see Perform Remote Command. Select the orange remote Command text.
  1. Select the proper remote from the Remote Managerlist. (ex. Living room TV)
  2. Select the Powercommand from the command list and tap the green Select button.
  3. If your TV has a Cable or Satellite box, you will need to link that as well.
  4. Repeat for all applicable commands. (ex. Volume up and down, Channel up and down)