Why isn't eye tracking working in Look 2 Learn or EyeFX?

November 15, 2017

Look 2 Learn and EyeFX do not have eye control built into them. Windows Control (or Gaze Point) must be used with Look 2 Learn or EyeFX.

If you are using a device with Tobii Gaze Interaction Settings:

You will only need to do steps 1-4 one time. After 1-4 is done you should follow steps 5 and 6 every other time you want to use Look 2 Learn or EyeFX.
  1. Open Tobii Gaze Interaction Settings.  It is the red icon on your desktop.  
  2. Select Windows Control on the left.
  3. Choose Mouse Emulation on the right side of the window.
  4. Choose OK
  5. Double-click the green Windows Control icon (make sure eye control is not paused).
  6. Open Look 2 Learn or Eye FX.

If you are using a device with Windows Control 2:

  1. From the Gaze Selection toolbar, dwell on the left click button until the tertiary menu pops open.
  2. Select the Sticky Left Click button.  Looks like this:  Sticky Left Click
  3. Hide the Taskbar if you wish by opening the Shortcuts menu and selecting Hide the Taskbar.
  4. Open Look 2 Learn or Eye FX.