C-12 and C-15 appear in 800x600 display and show partial double screen

June 20, 2016

If the display on the C-12 or C-15 is partially duplicated on the bottom portion of the screen please follow the steps below.  You will need to plug in a wired USB keyboard to resolve this issue.

1.  If the device is not already shut down, power down the device.
2.  Start up the device.  When the Tobii splash screen appears begin hitting the Delete key on your keyboard repeatedly.
3.  Stop hitting Delete when you get into the Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility.
4.  Arrow down to Advanced Chipset Features and hit Enter
5.  Arrow down to [800x600 18Bit 1CH] and hit Enter
6.  Arrow down once to [1024x768 18Bit 1CH] and hit Enter
7.  Hit F10 on the keyboard, make sure Y is blinking in the Save dialog box, and choose Enter.

The system will now reboot and the screen should appear correct.