Changing the slot filler link on a button in Compass.

July 27, 2016

1. Navigate to the page containing the button that you wish to change the Slot Filler link on.
2. Enter Modify mode. kA1G0000000A1pSKAS_en_US_1_0
3. Select the button you would like to modify.
4. Select the green Replace button next to the Message field. The System Keyboard will open.
5. Delete the blue slot text.
6. Type the word for your new slot.
7. Highlight the word. 
8. Select Make Slot.  
9. Locate and open the Slot Lists folder.
10. Find and select the desired slot list topic folder.
11. Select the green Select button.
12. Your slot text should now be blue and underlined.
13. Select Done on the keyboard.
14. Select the green check mark button to save your changes.