Create your own recovery capture on the C-12 or C-8

June 16, 2016

Article Type:  Information

Product:  C-12 and C-8


Create your own recovery capture:

It is possible to do a recovery capture of your C-Series device. However, doing your own recovery capture will overwrite the recovery capture installed by Tobii. This means that Tobii cannot guarantee that we will be able to support you in case of a windows-related problem. In such a scenario the device might have to be sent in for redeploy in order to solve the issue.

Step by step guide:

1. Shut down device
2. Connect keyboard
3. Start up device
4. Press and hold F8 during startup
5. Choose: "Repair your computer"
6. Choose which kind of keyboard layout you want
7. Choose "Tobii User" with password: "Tobii" (case sensitive)
8. Choose "Command Prompt"
9. Type "1" and Enter
10. Type "R" and Enter

The device will now start scanning files. You will be able to follow the progress being made.

11. Press "Q" and Enter
12. Type "exit" and Enter
13. Choose: "Shut down"

You've now created your own recovery capture. If you need to reset your device to this recovery capture at a later point, please follow these steps:

14. Repeat step 1. to 7.
15. Choose "OEM Factory Restore Application"
16. Choose "Restore".
17. Now accept the agreements and confirm the restore again with "Yes".

Again, the progression will be shown.
Once the process is finished, a message will come up saying: "The program have successfully restored the default Windows Vista image." Please press "ok" and then shut down.

Please note: Make sure you've connected the powersupply before you start any of these processes - do not run the device on batteries, as it might run out of power during the process.