Creating a PDF/Printing from a Chromebook

December 10, 2020

Due to a minor bug, creating and accessing a PDF in Boardmaker 7 on a Chromebook can be confusing. 

Bug: After selecting Create PDF, if you check the box for Open After Creating, and then hit Create the PDF is made but it does not automatically open. 

How to create and open a PDF on a Chromebook

1. Create your activity
2. Save
3. Select Create PDF (this will open the print preview screen)
     a. Do not change the default Location
4. Set your print settings as you want them
5. Select Create
6. From here a new window will open where you need to do 2 things. 
     a. Select the 3 lines icon in the upper left. This will open a directory for you to choose where to save the PDF to. Choose the option for Boardmaker 7                 Editor
     b. Name the PDF at the bottom
     c. Select save
7. Once saved you can now access it through your Chromebooks file directory
     a. select the search button in the lower left (the circle button in your taskbar)
     b. Search for Files
     c. Open the file folder
     d. Select the Boardmaker 7 Editor directory on the left
8. From here you can find and open/print your PDF