How do I connect the Game On so I can use it with TD Control Gamepad?

December 13, 2022

The following instructions should be used only secondary to the documentation that come with the Game On.  The Game On instruction booklet contains more details and images than this support article.  We understand that some parts of those instructions could be difficult to understand.  This support article can be used as a reference in those instances.

Before starting you must first make sure your Xbox Adaptive Controller is charged.  

Connecting the Game On to your Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Connect the socket marked PC/XAC LEFT to the left socket on the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the socket marked XAC RIGHT to the right socket.  Refer to Figure 1 in the Game On instruction booklet.
  • You are all done unless you will need to use the D-Pad or Left and Right Triggers for your games or apps.  Continue on for further instructions about the D-Pad and Triggers.

Before continuing, you may want to get to know your Xbox Adaptive Controller a little better.  This link will bring you to Microsoft's short description of the adaptive controller and its buttons.

D-Pad Connection

To set up Game On and Adaptive Controller to use the D-Pad you will need to use the four additional color coded cables and the decal shipped with the Game On.
  1. Attach the colored decal that came with the Game On to the Xbox Adaptive Controller as shown in the image below.
 Colored Decal
  1. Connect the corresponding cables to the Game On ports and to the Xbox Adaptive Controller so red goes to red, yellow goes to yellow, green goes to green, and blue goes to blue.

Setting up Left Trigger and Right Trigger

Setting up the left and right trigger with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Game On 1 can be a little tricky.  You will need to change a few settings on the Xbox using the standard Xbox controller.
  1. Turn on the Xbox and make sure the Xbox Adaptive Controller is connected to it and on
  2. Go into Settings
  3. Go down to Devices & connections then choose Accessories
  4. Under the image of the Adaptive Controller choose Configure.  If you do not see an image of the Adaptive Controller, make sure it is on and connected to the Xbox.  Refer to the Xbox Adaptive Controller manual for instructions on connecting it to the Xbox.
  5. Select New Profile and give it a name, e.g. Game On
  6. Navigate and select Left stick up Left Stick Up
  7. Choose Primary
  8. Scroll down the list and choose Left Trigger
  9. Press B to go back
  10. Navigate and select Left stick down
  11. Choose Primary
  12. Scroll down the list and choose Right Trigger
  13. Press B to go back
  14. Press B again to get back to the Profiles menu
  15. Navigate to No Slot and choose Slot 1from the list.  See Figure 4 in the Game On instruction booklet to reference how the screen should now look.
  16. On the Xbox Adaptive Controller, above the D-pad you should see three LEDs and a non-descript button.  Press that button until only the first LED is lit in order to choose Slot 1.
Please now refer to the Setting up your Game On section of your Game On instruction booklet to finish setting up your Game On device.