How do I Hide and Delete Words in ALL?

October 03, 2017

Hiding and Deleting Words Hiding a word removes that word from the current student’s ALL curriculum. Hiding a word for one student will not affect any other students. Hidden words can be reintroduced to the curriculum at any time by unhiding (showing) them.

High Interest Sight Words may be deleted. Deleting a word removes it from the selected student’s curriculum and from the system. High Interest Sight Words are unique to each student, so deleting a word will not impact other students.

Hide Words
1. Select any word.
2. Select Hide in the toolbar.
3. The hidden word will have gray text and the hide symbol. To unhide (show) a hidden word, simply select the word and then select Show in the toolbar.

Delete Words
1. Select a High Interest Sight Word.
2. Select Delete.

You cannot delete System Words. Only High Interest Sight Words can be deleted. If you would like to remove a System Word from the student’s curriculum, you should Hide it.