How do I manage student assignments in Boardmaker Online?

December 20, 2018

Activities are assigned to students from My Boardmaker > My Activities but the assignments are managed within each individual student’s profile.  To view and manage assignments, Select Students tab > Student Management > Student ID.

Add and Associate IEP Goals with Educational Standards and Assignments

  1. Within the student profile, Select the IEP Goals tab.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Select a sample IEP goal to view and edit sample goals or Select Create new goal to enter your own.
  4. Select goals (if using samples) or enter your goals and objectives in text fields (if creating new). You can also copy/paste from your IEP software or other documents.
  5. Select Save and Close. 
  6. To add additional goals, Select Add Goal from the IEP Goals tab.
  7. Repeat as needed..
  8. To associate educational standards with goals, select Associate Standard tool from toolbar.
  9. Use the drop down menus to select standards, grade level, and subject area.
  10. Scroll to view goals within your settings and Select Add beside any standard you would like to associate with the goal.  You may associate multiple standards.  Select Save when complete.
  11. To associate student assignments to IEP goals, select Manage from the activity in the Assignments tab.
  12. Select the checkbox for any appropriate goal(s) and objective(s).  Use the scrollbar to view more of the student’s goals.  Select Save and Close when complete.

Personalizing Student Settings for Playing Assignments

  1. Set the support level for assigned activities when the activity allows it by Selecting Supported Mode or Independent Mode beside the activity. 
  2. Personalize the student’s User Settings by selecting Edit.
  3. Within User Settings you may change default settings to interface, access, speech settings, and symbol settings by selecting the appropriate tab and making changes.  

Playing, Removing, or Editing Activity Settings within the Assignment List

  1. Select Play to preview or play an activity.
    • Note: Data is not collected when playing from the assignment list.
  2. Select Edit Activity Settings to make changes to settings including support, feedback, and rewards.
  3. Select Remove Activity to delete the activity from the student’s assignments. This does NOT remove it from My Activities.
To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots, click here.