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How do I play a movie from a button in Boardmaker Version 6?

January 02, 2020

You have the ability to play a movie from a button. The movie can play on the face of the button, in the Message Display, or it can fill the entire board. The program supports movies in the .avi, .mpg, and .wmv formats. There are many variations of all the formats. Certain variations will require the installation of additional encoding software.

  1. Double-click the button that you want to use to play a movie.
  2. Click the Play Movie action in the Cool Stuff ab.
  3. Locate and open a saved movie. The Play Movie action and the name of the selected movie will appear in the Assigned Actions list.
Please note: By default, the movie is set to play on the face of the button.
  1. Click  where it says Play on Button to change where the movie is played. You have the following three options:
  •  Play on Button - Plays the movie on the face of the button.
  •  Play on Message Display - Plays the movie in the board’s Message Display.
  • Play on Board - Plays the movie on the board