How do I print pages from TD Snap?

March 26, 2020

Printing in Snap Core First
Print one or more pages to paper or PDF.

  1. Select the   Edit button.
  2. Select the Page tab.
  3. Select  Print in the editing toolbar on the right side of the screen. The Select Pages to Print dialog opens.  You can also print from the Print Pages section on the Page tab     
  4. The current page is added to the print queue by default. Select additional pages from the list to add them to the print queue.
    Type in the Search field to search by Page Name.
    To add all pages in the current search results to the print queue, check Select All.

    If you check Select All, then uncheck Select All, your print queue is reset.
    To remove pages from the print queue, select the X beside the page name.
    When the desired pages have been added to the print queue, select Next.
  5. Choose your print options. The page preview updates to reflect the current settings

● Message Bar — Disable this setting to hide the Message Bar on the printed page(s).
● Toolbar — Disable this setting to hide the Toolbar on the printed page(s).
● Link visualization — Disable this setting to hide the link indicator icons on link buttons on the printed page(s).
● Button usage counts — Enable this setting to show the current button usage counts on the printed page(s).

Note: Data tracking must be enabled to see button usage counts. When you have finished choosing your print options, select Print.

 Note: This dialogue will vary depending on your platform and default printer setting.
Choose your printer (or print to PDF), color setting, and page orientation. Paper size options are available under More settings.

When you have finished configuring your printer settings, select Print.

To download a pdf of this article in English: Click here