How do I share a synced pageset in TD Snap?

October 10, 2017

Note: Some images may not be representative of the current software as the software has changed and improved through the years.

How do I share a Synced Pageset
To share a Page Set with other people, it must first be Synced with a MyTobiiDynavox (MyTD) account.
To share the Page Set:
Make sure your copy of TD Snap is connected to your MyTD account.
If your Page Set is already Synced, proceed to step 4, otherwise, select the Sync button in the Top Bar.
In the Sync popup, select the Sync page Set button.
Sync popup 117.JPG
To share the Synced Page Set, select the Share to let others use and edit this Page Set
ShareTD Snap 117.JPG
User-added image
In the sharing popup, enter the username or the email address for the person who you want to share the Page Set with, then select Share. The person will receive an email letting them know that a Page Set was shared with them.

           To add the shared Page Set to a device:
  • Make sure the device is connected to their MyTD account.
  • Select the proper user if it isn’t already selected (Editor > User editing panel tab).
  • In the Editor, select the Page Set editing panel tab.
  • Select the current Page Set to access the Page Set management options.
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  • Select the Download Page Set button. Scroll down in the panel if you don’t initially see it.

User-added image
  • In the Page Set download popup, under the Shared with me heading, select the shared Page Set, then select Download.
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  • When the Page Set is finished downloading, select Done. They should see the Page Set appear in the list with a Sync icon next to it, indicating this is a Synced Page Set.
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  • When either of you make a change on either device that you want to pass to the other Synced device(s), Select the Sync button on the Sync dialog, available through the button on the top bar. That will Sync any page changes to the master version on your MyTD account.
  • To pull in that latest Page Set changes from the last Sync, Select the Sync button on the Sync dialog, available through the button on the top bar, and it will automatically update the Page Set on your device. You will always know if there is a new version of the Page Set, as the Sync will have a badge with a little exclamation point. ,
Important things to know about Syncing
  • Page Set changes are Synced at the page level. Editing a button, or changing a setting in the Page editing panel, such as background color or page icon, will replace the complete page in the Page Set on MyTD the next time you Sync.
  • If changes to a Page Set are being made on multiple devices, communication is extremely important. If the same page is edited on different devices, and both users try to Sync, thechanges made by the last person to Sync will overwrite the changes made by the first person who Synced.
  • If you have not Synced a device in a while, and you know the changes on your device are the real master copy, you can overwrite what is Synced on MyTD by using the Overwrite button in the Advanced drop-down in the Sync popup.
sync TD Snap 117 overwrite.JPG
drop-down. This allows you to revert to an earlier Sync if needed. Note, this it is not a good idea to rely on this as any sort of backup process.Saved VersionsThe last 10 Syncs are available in the Sync popup under the