How do I share student accounts and activities in Boardmaker Online?

December 20, 2018

Sharing Student Accounts

A student account may be associated with multiple instructor accounts reflecting shared responsibility for the student by members of the team.  Every instructor assigned to a student may assign activities, add IEP goals/objectives, and view usage and performance data for that student. 
To add instructors to a student profile:
  1. Select Students tab.
  2. Select Student Management.
  3. Select the Student ID to open the Student Profile.
  4. Select Edit Profile.
  5. Scroll to Assign Instructor(s) and select the arrow to access the Instructor Roster.  Select an instructor name and Select Add. Repeat to add additional instructors as needed. Select Save and Close when complete.  The student will appear on the student roster of all assigned instructors.

Share Activities with Colleagues

You may share your Boardmaker Online activities in multiple ways:
Share with the Boardmaker Online Community
  • With Everyone
  • With Your Organization Only
  • In Public or Private Groups
Share with a friend

Share Activities on the Boardmaker Online Community

  1. My Boardmaker> My Activities > Share Activity
  2. Edit the Update File form. 
  • The Title field will be auto-populated.  You may edit if you like.
  • The Description field is auto-populated. If the activity was created with a template, the description is of the template. You may wish to edit this to reflect the content of this specific activity.
  • Language and Activity Type fields are auto-populated.
  • Select the drop down menu below Privacy. Select Everyone (to share globally) or My Organization Only (to share only with colleagues within your district or enterprise).
  • Designed for Scanning will be auto-selected under Accessibility if you created the activity with an interactive template.
  • Select Associate Educational Standards to browse standards if you would like to make associations (optional).
  • You will see a list of the Community Groups (public and private) to which you belong under Availability. Click to add the activity to any group(s).
  • Click to tag the activity by Grade Level, Category, etc. (optional).
  • Add tags to the text box (helpful to include topic and task or template type).
  • Select Update File.  Your activity is now shared.

Share Activities with Friends

  1. To share with friends, you must first invite Boardmaker Community members to be your friends. Select My Friends from the Community tab dropdown menu.     
  2. If you wish you may first click My Organization Only to narrow to only members of your district or enterprise. Click Browse Members.
  3. Enter the name in the search box and Enter.
  4. Select the person from your search results and Click Add As Friend.  The Friend Request will appear on the invitee’s home page. The invitee will click Friend Request to open and accept the invitation.           

Share an Activity with a Friend

  1. Select the name of the activity to be shared from My Boardmaker>My Activities
  2. Select Send to a Friend from the toolbar.  
  3. Select the friend, add a message if desired, and click Share.
  4. If you have not shared the activity before (it is still private) you will get a notice with options for sharing. Click Close and then the Wrench tool to access the Edit Activity form to change privacy setting.
  5. The recipient will receive a message on his or her home page when an activity is shared in this manner. They will select New Messages to click on a link to the activity.
To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots,click here.