How do I use profiles in MyTobii?

July 14, 2016

You can set up one MyTobii for several users by using profiles.
You can also create different profiles for one user. These profiles can then be used on different occasions.This can be useful if the user wants to use different speed for typing at different times of the day or if the user wants to have different settings depending on health conditions.

Settings such as click type and delay for auto click can differ between profiles. Calibrations are also saved in the profiles, which takes away the need to recalibrate before each use.

How to create a profile:

  1. Open the Basic Settings menu in MyTobii
  2. Enter Advanced Settings
  3. Click Manage profiles on the top of the window
  4. In the pop up window choose New profile
  5. Enter the desired Profile name
  6. You can choose to base your profile on an existing profile
    1. To do this enter the old profile under " Profile to use as template"
  7. Press Ok and your new profile will be created