How do I use Repeat Click in TD Control

October 05, 2022

Repeat Click allows those users who use software that only requires mouse left-clicks or mouse hovering, like Look to Learn and educational web-based games.  TD Control can be set up to start up in Repeat Click mode and to hide the menu so a user cannot leave Repeat Click mode.  Repeat Click can also be added to the Mode menu.

There are three actions located on the off-screen menu when in Repeat Click mode.  Those actions are

  • Hide Trace - When this button is enabled, the circular trace on the screen that follows the user's eyes will get hidden.  Select Hide Trace a second time to disable it.
  • Left Click - When Left Click is enabled a left mouse-click action will occur where the user dwells or hits their switch, whichever activation method is active.  When Left Click is disabled, the trace will follow the user's eyes around the screen without clicking.  This would be handy with some games that just require the user to look at items on the screen to activate them.
  • Pause Gaze - Toggle eye control pause on and off
In addition to the four action buttons you'll see the Guide button and the Close button
  • Guide / Hide Guide - Toggles button descriptions.
  • Close - Exits out of Repeat Click mode
There are two additional keystroke commands that can be toggled when in Repeat Click mode.
  • F2- Removes access to the off-screen menu for the eye gaze user.  A caregiver can access the off-screen menu by touching the bottom-center of the screen (below the screen) and swiping up.  To enable the off-screen menu for the eye gaze user, press F2 again.
  • F10- Toggles the track status window to ensure the device is positioned well in front of the user.