How do you change the label on the Topic button on the Navbar or Stroke and Brain Injury?

July 27, 2016

1.  Select the Settings button in the toolbar.

kA1G00000008twRKAQ_en_US_1_1If the Toolbar is hidden, first select the Modify Button  kA1G00000008twRKAQ_en_US_1_2at the top right corner of your screen then choose Settings.

2.  Select Page Browser.
3.  Navigate to the Topics folder. (Use the arrow button at the upper left of the screen to move up through the layers of folders).


4.  Select the topic folder for the topic whose label you want to change.
5.  Select the Visual Scene folder in the topic folder.
Select the Manage button at thetop right corner of the screen. 
7.  Select the visual scene to be renamed. (A blue check mark will appear on the selected page.)

8.  Select the blue Renamebutton in the button bar at the top of the screen.


9. In the Page Name dialog that opens, type in a new name for the page. Use all capital letters to be consistent with the other labels.


10. Select OK on the
Page Name dialog.
11. Select the green Done button at the right top corner of the screen.
12. Select Backto return to the Settings menu.
13. In the Settings menu, select Toolbar Editor..
14. Select Topics. The Toolbar Foldermenuwill open.


15. Select Edit Items.

16. Scroll down the page and select the page you renamed. (It will be the only page without a title). The Navigation Page menu will open.


17. Select the blue Link Page button. The Page Browser will open.
18. Select the page you renamed. (It will have the new title you gave it.)
19.  Select the green Selectbutton at the top right corner of the Page Browser.
20.  Select the Save button on theNavigation Page menu.
21.  Select the Backbutton three times to return to your Home Page.