How to install your dedicated Acapela My Own Voice package on a Windows Computer

October 20, 2023

How to install your Dedicated Acapela My Own Voice package
The Windows package will be downloaded from the Acapela server from the link they send you.
Once downloaded, the voice cannot be used until there is a communication application downloaded onto your device. The link will download and save the voice package for later use as needed.

To install the product you will have to unzip the "" into a local folder on your computer and that's it.
The pack already includes your unique license id.

The only mandatory steps remains,  the SAPI5 registration, here are the instructions :

A) Go to your local installation path of your My Own Voice package.
B) Locate the SAPI5 registration script called RegSapi5.bat
C) Right click on this file and use the "Run as Administrator" option
D) The registration console will be displayed.
E) Once its ended, the console ask you to press a key to continue = close the console.
F) Relaunch your SAPI5 application if already running.
G) Your Acapela TTS voice will be available in the voice list of your application.