How to play a sound or a song on a button in Compass.

July 27, 2016

  1. Load your sound files or songs on to your device. You can (legally) download them from the internet. You can use the micro to regular USB cable that came with your device to transfer your files from a computer.  NOTE:Remember the location of where you put your files.
  2. Select the Modify button.
  3. Select the Button you wish to use.
  4. Select the Properties button. Label it and choose a symbol.
  1. Select the Actions area to open the Script Editor.
  2. Using the Search Box, type ‘play sound’. Choose PlaySound (soundId).

  1. Select the blue Browse button and locate the song or file you wish to use. Now tap the green Select button to confirm.
  1. Select the green Donebutton then the green checkmark.

NOTE: The song will play to the end without interruption. You may wish to create a Music page with volume controls and a pause feature.