How to Reconnect my Bluetooth Phone if Pairing is Corrupted

June 23, 2021

  1. Delete the Bluetooth Connections (Phone/Communicator 5 Software)
  2. Power Off Devices (Phone/Communicator 5 Software)
  3. Power On I-Series (Wait for Windows to Load)
  4. Power on Phone
  5. Create New Pairings from C5 Software
  6. Turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and make sure it is visible to other devices.
  7. On your device, open the ISeries Control Center to make sure Bluetooth is enabled.  Select Wireless and make sure Enable wireless Units and the Enable Bluetooth are checked.  Close the menu when finished. 
  8. Launch Communicator 5.
  9. Open the quick menu (touch and hold anywhere on the screen, right click if you are using a mouse, or select Ctrl +M on the keyboard).
  10. Select Advanced Settings. 
  11. Select Applications.
  12. Select Mobile Phone.
  13. Select Connect to Mobile Phone button (Communicator will search for any devices within range). 
  14. Select your phone from the list and then select the Connect button.
  15. Make sure the pairing codes are the same on both your device screen and your phone.
  16. Your phone may prompt you to allow Communicator to access your messages. Press allow and then OK on the device.
  17. Device Paired for Messaging and Calling