NavBar Pageset - Changing the Topic Thumbnail Image

July 27, 2016

Rather than images of objects, consider using images that show people and activity.  This offers opportunities for richer communication and provides more contextual information.

1. Select the Settings button in the Toolbar.  kA1G00000008u9SKAQ_en_US_1_0

2. Select Page Browser.

3. Select the page you're editing and choose Editor.

4.  Select the topic picture you want to change.

5.  Select the Properties button at the top left corner of the topic picture.
6.  Select the Selectbutton next to Symbol.

7.  Search for a symbol or image you want to use.

8.  Select your symbol or image, then select the Select button at the top right corner of the page.

Moving Hotspots to Accommodate the New Topic Image

1.  Select the hotspot to move.

2.  Select the center of the hotspot and drag it to its new location.
3.  If necessary, resize the hotspot by dragging the corner handles.
If you do not have anything in your image to represent a particular hotspot, we would suggest the following:
Option 1:  Place the hotspot in an area of the image that is not being used.  Doing so will allow you to still access vocabulary.
Option 2: Hide the hotspot.
a.  Select the Properties button on the hotspot.


b.  Select the Misc. tab.

c.  Select the check box next to Hidden.

d.  Select SavekA1G00000008u9SKAQ_en_US_1_10


Change the Thumbnail in the Navigation Bar

1.  Select Levelsfrom the Navigation Bar.

2.  Select Topics.

3. Select the Select Topics from Library button.
4.  Select your topic.
5.  Select Change Thumbnail.

6.  Select your image.

7.  Select the green Select button at the top right corner of the screen.

8.  Select SavekA1G00000008u9SKAQ_en_US_1_13

9.  Select BackkA1G00000008u9SKAQ_en_US_1_14

10. Select Save.