Printing or exporting a usage report

October 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to Professional and District subscription accounts.

You can print or export the chart from any of your utilization reports. Print and Export buttons are located at the top right corner of all utilization reports.

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Print a Usage Report

Simply select the Print button (circled above). Your default printer dialog will open. Select OK or Print (depending on your operating system) to print the chart.


Export a Usage Report

You can export the usage report chart as an image or as an Adobe PDF.

Export button
  1. Select the Export button at the top right corner of the usage report. (See the illustration above.)
  2. Select the format in which you want the report to download (.png, .jpeg, .pdf, or as a .svg file). A dialog will open.
  3. On the dialog, choose to save (or download) the file (as opposed to opening it).
  4. Follow the steps that your web browser requires to retrieve a downloaded file.