Scanning is not working or not working as expected

July 20, 2016

1. You do not have a L*E*O scanning model.

Solution: Scanning is only available with the Scanning L*E*O model. Although you can plug a switch into the switch jack on the non-scanning L*E*O, pressing the switch will have no effect.
2. Make sure you are pressing the correct switch.
Solution: L*E*O may be set to Step Scan mode and you are pressing the wrong switch. Press Switch 2 to start scanning and switch 1 to select a cell during scanning.
3. The card in place has a number out of range. You may have inserted a card with a number that is higher than the number of cards that L*E*O is currently configured for.
Solution: Insert a card with a Card ID number no greater than the maximum number of cards L*E*O is set up to store.
4. The grid is not inserted properly.
Solution: Remove and reinstall the grid. Make sure that the grid is inserted so that it is flush with the front of the L*E*O along all four edges.