Stroke & Brain Injury Persona Pageset - How to Use Extra Hotspots

July 27, 2016

1.  Select the topic you wish to edit.


2.  Select the Settings button from the Toolbar.  kA1G00000008uB9KAI_en_US_1_1

kA1G00000008uB9KAI_en_US_1_2 If the  Toolbar is disabled, select the Modify button at the top right corner of the screen. kA1G00000008uB9KAI_en_US_1_3 A dialog will open with two options. Select Settings.

3.  Select Page Browser from the Settings menu.

4.  Select the page and choose Editor.

5.  You will see up to four extra hotspots (shaded) along the left side of the page. 

These will be labeled Subtopic 1, Subtopic 2, etc.  Though they are hidden by default, they will become active once you begin to edit them.Each extra hotspot is linked to a subtopic tab and vocabulary grid with the matching name.
6.  To use an empty hotspot, select it and drag it to the area of the screen you wish to target.

The hotspot can be resized as needed.
7.  Select the Properties button on the hotspot.


The Properties panel will open. You can change the label of the hotspot by selecting in the Label text box and typing the new label.

Note: Do not worry about the Message. Hotspots will not speak a message without assigning the appropriate action.

 It is recommended that you do not edit the actions on any of the hotspots.
8.  For this hotspot to be visible when editing, it must be unhidden.Select the Misc tab on the Properties panel. Clear the Hidden check box.


9.  To edit messages associated with this hotspot, you will need to select the tab that corresponds with that hotspot. We used Subtopic 1 in the example, so we will edit content in the tab labeled Subtopic 1.Select the Subtopic 1tab. (You will know it is selected when the tab turns from gray to yellow.)


10.  Select the Properties button at the top left corner of the tab.


11. Select the text box next to Label, and enter a label that matches the one you used for your new hotspot.


12.  Select the vocabulary grid.


13.  Select the Properties button at the top left corner of the grid.


14. Select the blue Edit Vocabulary button.


15. Select New Message.

16.   Type the message that you wish to appear in that button.

In this case we have added “What class do we have next?”  (We chose a question to maintain the format in all the other vocabulary grids.)

17. Select Save.

18. To add more vocabulary, select the Manage button at the top right corner of the screen.

19. Select New Item.


20. Enter a label, symbol, and message for the new vocabulary message.

kA1G00000008uB9KAI_en_US_1_20  It is strongly recommended that you follow the preset configuration of communicative intents when adding vocabulary messages.

21.  Select Save.

22.  Select Done.

23.  Select Back.

24.  After you have completed editing, Select Exitand then Yesto save.

kA1G00000008uB9KAI_en_US_1_21  Did you make a mistake?  Just select Edit from the toolbar.  You can Undo, Redo, Delete, Cut, Copy, or even Duplicate a button.


If you've made several changes, but want to revert back to the original copy of the page, select File from the toolbar, and then select Revert.