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The most efficient way to remove “holes” in a grid of buttons

May 08, 2017

The most efficient way to remove “holes” in a grid of buttons
Snap is designed to make it simple to customize the content to suit the needs user. This may be accomplish be editing buttons where they are, inserting new buttons or deleting unwanted buttons. At some point you may find that you end up with a “hole” in your content as shown below. 
User-added image
If you just want to eliminate the hole without adding a new button, it would be a very tedious process if you tried shifting all the buttons over one by one. Instead of moving buttons to fill the hole, it is easier to move the hole and shift all the buttons. By dragging the empty button location to the end of the word list, being sure to drag it to the right of the last buttons. All the other word list buttons will shift left, which fills the hole, maintaining the alphabetical order.

When you need to rearrange buttons, remember the following:

* Dragging a button on top of another button will swap them. 

* Dragging a button between other buttons, or to the edge of the grid, will shift them to fill the hole you just created. 

* Empty button locations can be dragged just like a button

User-added image
Note that shifting buttons around as shown, may shift function or navigation buttons, which need to remain in a set location.  (See Moving content buttons can displace function and navigation button)