Tobii Dynavox T10 Hardware Overview

July 27, 2016

1. Charging Indicator:Lit when the battery is charging. Turns off when the battery is fully charged.
Power Button:To turn the T10 on, press and hold until the splash screen appears. Press and release to put to sleep. To shut down the T10, press and hold until the shutdown menu appears.
3. Front-facing Camera:Takes photographs of people and objects in view of the T10 screen - for example, self portraits.
4. Ambient Light Sensor:Adjusts the screen brightness based on the surrounding light.

Note:  The power button cannot be disabled.

5. Speakers: Dual speakers provide an extensive range of volume.
6. Volume Rocker Switch:Press on the + side of the switch to increase volume. Press on the - side of the switch to decrease volume.
7. Speaker/Headphone/External Microphone Jack:Connect an external speaker, headphones for private audio, or an external microphone.

8. Rear-facing Camera: Use for taking photos.
9. Lanyard connections:Provide attachment points for the T10 strap.

10. Charger Port: Plug in the adapter/charger to charge the battery.
11. Micro USB Port: Connect to a micro-USB to full-size USB cable adaptor. (DynaVox does not recommend the use of a USB hub..)
12. 30-Pin Dock Connector: (for future use)
13. Micro HDMI Port: Connect an external monitor to your T10.
14. Microphone:Record speech and custom sounds.