Transferring Page sets to an M-Series

June 06, 2016

Save page sets to a flash drive or an external storage device
Transferring Page sets to an M-Series 

  1. Insert the Black USB adapter (with the Dell Logo) that was received with the M-Series device into the Micro USB port (on the top of the device)
  2. Plug your flash drive or external storage device into the USB adapter
  3. A window will automatically pop up that displays the files currently on the external storage device
  4. Touch and hold on the Page set you wish to transfer to the device. A square will appear. Lift up.
  5. Select copy
  6. Touch and hold on the start menu. A square will appear. Lift up.
  7. Select File Explorer
  8. Double tap on the folder labeled Documents
  9. Double Tap on the Folder labeled VS Communicator 4
  10. Double tap on the user folder you wish to transfer the page set to
  11. Double tap on the Folder labeled My Page Sets
  12. Select Home (in the menu bar)
  13. Select Paste
  14. Open Tobii Communicator
  15. Navigate to the View Ready-Made Page sets in the desired user
  16. The transferred page sets should exist on the My Page Sets page
  17. Unplug the external storage device