v6+ Movable buttons

October 01, 2018

Creating Movable Buttons

  • Select the Movable Button Tool.The Movable Button Tool can be hidden or shown. If you do not see the Movable Button Tool go to Dynamic Boards-Show-Movable Button Tool
  • Click on the button that you want to make movable.
  • You will be prompted to enter a unique name. Once you enter this name, it will appear in a green box centered on the movable button. 
Creating Destination Buttons
  • Click and drag the movable button over to the button that you want to make the destination. As you do this, you’ll notice that a “ghost” outline of the movable button is left in its original position. 
  • Drop the movable button on the destination button.
  • You will be prompted to enter a unique name. This name will later appear in a red box centered on the destination button. 
Assigning Action
  • You will see a standard Button Action window.
  • Define the action list for this Movable-Destination button association. Select OK.
  • Go into the Use mode (CTRL-U) to try it out! 
    Note: There is no limit to how many movable buttons can be associated with a particular destination button, nor how many destination buttons can be defined for a particular movable button. The only limitation is that you can’t make a destination button movable, or vice versa.
Movable and Destination Button Properties
  • For a Movable button, a new Movable Button Properties item will appear in that button’s right click menu. A similar Destination Button Properties menu item will appear for Destination buttons.
  • After selecting this item, you’ll see a window that allows you to change the properties of the movable or destination button.
  • The Snap Back:Snap this movable button back to the last position when dropped on an invalid destination option allows you to specify that a movable button will bounce back to its last position when it is dropped on an invalid destination.
  • The Move Clones: Instead of moving the movable button itself, create anew “cloned” copy whenever this button is grabbed option allows you to specify that every time a movable button is dropped on a destination button, a clone copy of that button is actually being used. This allows you to drag a movable button (cloned) multiple times in a given activity. 
  • The Center Movables: Force movable buttons to appear in the exact center of the destination button option allows you to specify that the movable button will be automatically centered on the destination button.