What button actions are available in Snap?

March 30, 2017

What button actions are available in Snap?
In version 1.0 of Snap, there are 19 actions that can be assigned to buttons to help you create a wide range of communication content. The following is a list of the available actions by category, with a brief description of the actions:
  • Clear Message Window – Clears the content of the Message Window.
  • Clear Words – Clears the last word in the Message Window.
  • Speak Message Window – Speaks the current contents of the Message Window.
  • Speak Or Insert Message (default action)– Speaks and/or Inserts the button’s message. All new button have this action already assigned.
  • Go Back – Open the previous page.
  • Go Home – Open the Home page  (set in Editor > Page Set > Home Page).
  • Link – Link to another page.
  • Open Dashboard – Open the Dashboard page.
  • Open Keyboard – Open the set keyboard pages (set in Editor > Page Set > Keyboard Page).
Behavior Supports (These actions create a behavior support on a popup page using the content you enter.)
  • First-Then – A two button sequence, ideal for cause and effect.
  • Mini-Schedule – A 2 to 4 button sequence, works well as a schedule or a series of instructions.
  • Script – A vertical sequence of messages that can be used to structure a conversation.
  • Visual Timer – Displays a visual timer on the top bar that counts down a set amount of time. Runs concurrently with whatever you are doing in Snap.
Volume Control
  • Toggle Mute – Mute or unmute the system volume.
  • Volume Up – Increases the system volume.
  • Volume Down  - Decreases the system volume.
  • Send IR Signal – Sends a learned IR signal (v1)
Launch Other Applications
  • Launch Boardmaker Student Center – Launched the Boardmaker Student Center app and can play a specified activity.