What size monitor can I use with my PCEye5?

January 24, 2022

The PCEye 5 is a flexible eye tracker that works with tablet size devices such as the Surface Pro, all the way up to 27" monitors. While there is a technical upper limit around 27", we don't have any technical limitations to handle smaller screens. With that said, the choice of screen size can have a significant impact on the user experience. Every user will have slightly different precision when using eye tracking, which impacts the size of buttons you are able to use. Users with great precision will be able to access small buttons. Users who are less precise will require bigger elements for interaction. A small display means all the buttons will become smaller, and better precision is required to access them. A bigger display on the other hand, means objects on screen gets bigger, and precision is less crucial. While we don't limit or restrict use of PCEyes with very small screens, it is our experience that screen sizes less than 10" are rarely suitable. However, it's important to re-iterate that one cannot expect the same experience on all screen sizes. Likewise, one cannot expect that different people will have the same level of precision. Choice of display size should always take the user and their needs into consideration.