When do I use Pageset Sync vs making copy or a user backup in TD Snap?

October 10, 2017

Here is a quick video that covers the various backup and sync options available in TD Snap.  https://player.vimeo.com/video/236914379
For more detailed instructions, see below.
When do I use Page Set Sync vs making a copy or a User backup?
TD Snap provides several options to share and back up your content and users. Select the option that best meets your needs.:
•    Make a saved copy of the Page Set - Can be saved locally or to a MyTobiiDynavox (MyTD) account (v1.1+).
•    Make a backup of a user - Can be saved locally and on MyTD. (Only v1.1+ was local only)
•    Sync a Page Set (v1.1+) - Create a Synced copy on your MyTD account
•    Share a Page Set (v1.1+) - Share a Synced Page Set with another MyTD account either as a Synced version or an un-Synced copy. 
Let’s look at some common scenarios for managing Page Sets, and determine which of the above options will work the best for each.
Scenario 1
Tommy uses TD Snap on a Tobii Dynavox Indi at home, but at school he uses an iPad. He needs to have his Page Set on both devices and changes made at home or school need to be passed to his other device.
Best Option: Syncing
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Both Tommy’s Indi and iPad can be connected to his MyTD account. The Page Set on the Indi can be Synced to MyTD, then on the iPad, his Synced Page Set can be download from MyTD. A change made on either device can be Synced to MyTD, and then Synced on the other device, keeping his Page Set up to date on both devices.
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Scenario 2
Tommy uses TD Snap to work on his literacy skills. His teacher and speech-language pathologist (SLP) want his Page Set on their iPads, so that they can model building sentences when they work with him. 
Best Option: Sync and Share
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Since Tommy’s page is already Synced (scenario 1), his Page Set can quickly be shared with his teacher and SLP by simply entering their MyTD username in the Share a Page Set popup in TD Snap. They will receive an email that his Page Set has been shared with them. They can then download the Page Set and Sync it to get changes that have been made by others or pass on changes they make while working with Tommy.
The challenge here is that everyone needs to communicate about who is making changes and when, so two people are not making changes to the same page(s) at the same time. The Synced Page Set on MyTD will contain the change in the last Page Set to be Synced, overwriting any previous changes from prior Syncs.
Note: if someone does a Sync and overwrites important changes, they can be recovered through the Saved Versions drop-down in the Sync popup (Top bar). The last 10 Syncs will be available there.
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Scenario 3
Mackenzie is using TD Snap at home with her iPad to communicate with her family and friends. Her parents have customized a large amount of the content. They are worried about losing all that work, so they want to archive a copy in case something happens to her iPad.
Best Option: Create a user backup
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All of Mackenzie’s Page Sets and User setting are part of her user. TD Snap gives you the option to create a complete backup of the user, which can be used to restore a repaired device or transition to new device. If her user backup is restored on a second device, she will have an exact copy of her Page Sets and User Settings. Her Page Set could even be Synced with the original on her iPad so both devices can always be up to date.
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Scenario 4

The teachers at the local early learning center created a new Page Set template designed to support various classroom activities. They want to make the Page Set available to other teachers in the school, so those teachers can modify it for their individual classrooms.
Best Option: Sync and Share Copy

Any Synced Page Set can be shared as an un-Synced copy suitable for independent customization. This can be done by using the Share a copy option in the Page Set editing panel (share icon for your Page Set).
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