Which mounting solutions are available for the PCEye Go?

July 15, 2016

There are three mounting systems available. The magnetic mounting plate is included with every PCEye Go, the Fixed Mount and EyeMobile tablet mount are available as accessory.
Magnetic mounting plate
The PCEye Go comes with smart magnetic mounting plates and attaching them is very easy. Simply mount the plate with it's self-adhesive tape to the bottom frame of your screen and snap the PCEye Go onto the magnetic mount and connect the USB cable. Detaching is just as easy. Follow the instructions in the user's manual when attaching the mounting plate to your screen.
The magnetic mounting plate is ideal for you who want to be flexible and use your PCEye Go on different devices or want to easily detach it when it's not needed right now.
Peripheral Fixed Mount
The Tobii Peripheral Fixed Mount can be easily attached to a wide range of standard computer monitors, giving you the versatility and freedom to use a monitor of choice. It is secured to the screen with four screws, making it very easy to attach the mount to the screen. You detach the mount just as easily, simply un-tighten the screws to remove the mount. This makes it easy to use the PCEye Go on different screens. To prevent your PCEye Go from getting stolen, you can secure the Tobii Peripheral Fixed Mount to a Kensington Lock compatible screen. This is ideal for when the PCEye Go is used in public places such as schools and hospitals.
The Fixed Mount is for you who needs a secure, stable and more permanent mounting solution for your PCEye Go.
The fixed mount is compatible with monitors having mounting slots, fitting Dell and HP sound or speaker bars.The DELL Professional and Ultrasharp series as well as Hewlett Packards EliteDisplays, ProDisplays, Value Displays and Z Displays are all supporting the speaker bar mounting according to the manufacturers own technical specifications.
EyeMobile mounting bracket
The EyeMobile mounting bracket allows you to mount your PCEye Go with nearly any Windows 8 Pro tablet (height 162-195 mm, width 190-300 mm, depth 9,5-14 mm). It comes with a built in stand that makes it easy to use the EyeMobile anywhere, like at the dinner table or on a desk at school or in the office.Simply slide the eye tracker into the tube of the EyeMobile bracket.It also comes with a dual mounting plate that supports both Daessy and REHAdapt, which can be used for mounting the EyeMobile to a wheelchair, the bed or to a floor stand. A Vesa mounting plate is available as accessory.
The EyeMobile is ideal for you who want to use the PCEye Go with a solid mounting on your tablet.