Why can't I get Communicator to open Skype?

March 27, 2018

Windows 10 now comes with Skype installed.  On some devices, such as tablets, Skype is an app that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.  This is also called the UWP version of Skype.  The UWP version cannot interact with the Skype pageset in Communicator.  To download the Classic Skype for Windows software that will work with Communicator please follow the steps below or click directly on the link in step 5.  Understand that this article contains links to Microsoft's website that may change.  If changes occur, we will continue to try to keep this article as accurate and updated as possible.  

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to www.skype.com
  3. At the top of the page, next to the Skype subtitle, select Downloads.  Alternatively, click hereto get to the current direct link to that page.
  4. If you see the option "Get Skype from Store" do NOT select it.  Choose Tablet.
  5. Select Get classic Skype for Windows tablet.  The current direct link to this download is https://get.skype.com/go/getskype-windows